mardi 30 avril 2013

Kitesurfing on The Island

I just come back from a Super Mega EPIC kitesurfing trip in Corsiac Island!

We stayed there during 14 days and we had 10 days kiting in the blue lagoons, so stocked!

It was a very good opportunity to promote the brand new kite from my sponsor Flysurfer Kiteboarding, the Speed4 10m deluxe and the Speed3 CE, and also the Flyboards Flyradical and the Hybride surf Flywave!

I saved the life of 2 of those really cute tortules, they were on the middle of the road...i took them and put them in the forest, good times, now they are living there life peacefully :-)

Now it's time for you to relax and enjoy the movie! Wish you a super cool 2013 kitesurfing season, and don't forget to enjoy your life 100% ;-)

Kitesurfing Corsica island with lolo BSD from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

MTB contest 2013

The 4th MTB contest edition was Epic!

Like last year we had a very good wind about 15 to 20 knots, and a big sunshine!

Many riders came from Germany, Netherland and UK.
It was super cool to chill and ride with all those guys, we don't have lot of opportunities to ride together so when we can ride together it's always a big pleasure!

We begin the event with a huge race, a massive up-wind and a fast and furious down-wind, we were approximatly 15-20 riders to compet on the race, i managed to arrive at the 2nd place with my Speed315 CE.

In the afternoon took place the Freestyle comp, Dutch KiteLandBoarder "Haye de Vries" did some pretty nice old-school riding stuff with big spins and boards-off, and Push Kiting rider AJ from UK landed some sick Handle Pass.

Haye de Vries


All the other riders did nice riding also, it was cool to see that the level is going up every year!

I used my Speed4 10m, i did 80% unhooked trix, landed some cool "F16", Front to wrapped and other blinds... i arrived at the 2nd place just behind AJ who tooked the 1st place, well done mate!

I arrived 1st at the overall classement, i'm pretty stocked about it :-)
I won this nice Gold Cup with 1L beer inside ahaha i drunk all of it of course!

Here is a short video of the event that i have edited, Featuring Kris Beech - Abe Alzouman - Passi Schmidt - and me, cheers!

MTB contest 2013 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

And here is another video with some nice tricks inside ;)

DFC MTB contest 2013 from Piedgauche on Vimeo.

See you next year for the 5th edition of the MTB contest!