jeudi 27 décembre 2012

"Land or Die" video compilations

Hi guys,

here are the brand new "Land or Die" #2 - #3 & #4 !

The brand new "Land or Die" videos has been filmed on different spots.

"Land or Die #2" has been filmed on our local hill spot for North wind, this spot is small (4 riders maximum), but the wind is soooo crazy there...and there is a super nice view from the top of the Hill! Sometimes Dears and others animals come see us next to the spot, the nature is beautifull there...

Land or Die #2 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

"Land or Die #3" has been filmed on the beach in "Berck-sur-Mer" (Côte d'Opale), the place where took place the French KLB Championship few years ago...

it's a very big spot with super good flat and hard sand, which is great for landkiting!

Land or Die #3 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

And "Land or Die #4" has been filmed on our new homespot "Le Moulin" (Plateau Picard), it's a very big grass field with levitation wind, sick for big hangtime! It's very cool to ride there because you have sooo much place to do your trix, and the grass is super short and fresh on this awesome spot :)

Land or Die #4 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

I like Kite LandBoarding because it's so extrem to do big airs and unhooked on land."Land or Die", Why this title ? Because sometimes you fail hard on Land.
It's much better to land your trix than crash hard on the ground... ;)

I'm trying to promote this awesome sport as much as possible, i hope you'll enjoy those "Land or Die" videos, and i also hope that it will give you inspiration for your next Kite LandBoarding sessions ;)

Big up to my kite mates who took some of there "riding times" to film me, huge thanks to "Beber, Abe, N2G, Dimitri" !

Have a nice SuperKiteDay everybody, and keep smiling because life on Earth is cool ;)

lolo BSD.

jeudi 15 novembre 2012

BKSA 2012 - the Finals!

Hi guys,

the BKSA 2012 finals took place on the beautifull beach of "Westward Ho"!

We had good wind on the first day, we did a very nice free-session, training and shooting some sick actions in 20 knots!

The days after we had light wind, it was time to unhooked ;)

Here is a nice little video of a strong heat with my Flysurfer team mate "Emmanuel Norman" from Germany :

BKSA 2012 Westward Ho -Norman vs BSD- from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

This year i used to compet in all BKSA 2012 kitelandboard rounds (ESSEX, Redcar and Westward Ho), i had good results on all of those rounds, and i had the pleasure to won my first national title in this beautifull country, i love UK because of the nice spots and the nice peoples who live there!

I'm very happy to be the UK kitelandboard Champion 2012 !

This is the video of the freeride session during the first day at Westward Ho, there are some nice trix with all of the best riders and the legendary Lewis Wilby :

BKSA 2012 Westward Ho! from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Big thanks to my sponsor Flysurfer Kiteboarding for making it possible, and the SKD team who made those trip sooo sick!

And thanks to all of you who are following my kite adventures, big up!

Bonus : here is my brand new video "Land or Die #1", with nice slowmotions, enjoy ;)

Land or Die #1 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

BKSA redcar 2012

Hi everybody,

Just came back from the 2nd round of BKSA 2012 Championship which took place at Redcar beach from 5 to 7 October.

I took the 1st place in Freestyle Pro Kite LandBoarding, i'm pretty happy about this result.
It was really cool to ride on this nice beach, the sand is very flat right there, which is very good for feestyle land kiting!

I used to ride with my new Flysurfer speed3 Coloured Edition 15m and 12m. I landed some nice unhooked Kite Loop, i love the feeling of this trick! See the picture : 15m full powered HELL YEAAHH !! :-))

It was cool to ride one more time with my SKD team mates and the other guys from ESSEX (Ash and Lewis).

Thanks to Lewis for those nice pix !

Here is a cool video of the event edited by "Carl Kirton" :

Next stop : Westward Ho from 18 to 21 October for the BKSA 2012 Final Championship!

dimanche 9 septembre 2012

Summer 2012 - from UK to Corsica

Hi dudes,

this summer i spent my time shredding the UK's land, and surfing the blue lagoon of Corsica island!

We had such a good wind in UK, like everytime in this awesome country, and we filmed some nice land kiting actions with my Super Kite Day bro Abe Alzouman!

We decided to edit a special "slow motion" video with the famous plug-in "Twixtor".
We filmed those moves with the Gopro hero2 1080p, check this out ;-)

Kite Landboarding summer 2012 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.
Flysurfer team rider "lolo BSD" shredding it up at Weston Shore (UK).

Kite : flysurfer speed3 21m & 15m
Board : X-shape

Camera : Gopro hero2 HD

Supported by :

Once again i had EPIC Super Kite Days in the UK, now it's time to fly for Corsica Island...

After having some good times in UK, i went to Corsica with my girlfriend to have some nice hollidays on the beautifull beach, and also for kite surfing!! :-))

We stayed in the south of Corsica, moving from the west coast to the east coast to discovering some nice locations...

Here is a video that i edited, enjoy ;-)

Flysurfer Kiteboarding - Corsica summer 2012 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.
Corsica Kitesurfing Trip summer 2012.
Flysurfer team rider "lolo BSD" exploring south coast of Corsica island.

Kite: FS speed3 21m & 15m deluxe edition
Board: Flyradical 4

Supported by :

Camera : sony CX700VE, Gopro hero2
Editing : final cut pro X

lundi 9 juillet 2012

TV show !

Promote Kiteboarding is very cool,

on march and april 2012 i had the chance to present to people what is Kite LandBoarding!

I did 2 TV show on France5 and Canal J, lucky me it was windy when we filmed it :-)

Here is the 1st TV show on the France5 TV program "On set pas que des cobayes", i used to watch this program before, so it was a real pleasure to be part of one of them :-)

Cool experience, in this TV show i prove that it's possible to tow an important mass (2 people about 80 Kg) with a 8m kite with only 10-15 knots!

Game on ;-)

Flysurfer rider "lolo BSD" on France5 TV channel from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.
Documentaire sur le Kite Landboarding.

Diffusé le 9 Mars 2012 sur France5 dans l'émission "On n'est pas que des cobayes".

This is a Kite Landboarding documentary.

Diffused on the 9 March 2012 on France5 french TV channel for the TV show "On n'est pas que des cobayes"

And the second one was for a kid's TV show "Wazup"on Canal J channel, this one has been diffused on another TV channel called Gulli.

In this program i explain to young kids what is Kite LandBoarding, and i give them some security advices (take helmet...) and i explain what king of trix i like to do ! ;-)

Enjoy, and show it to your child he will like it for sure ;-)

Wazup canal J TV show (april 2012) from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

dimanche 8 juillet 2012

BKSA 2012 round1 ESSEX !

Here it is,

the 1st round of the BKSA 2012 in ESSEX kite park!

We had good times there with all the riders, and it was pretty windy !! Get the 2nd place on this first round of BKSA 2012 Championship, i'm pretty happy about this result :-)

1st Emmanuel Norman (Germany)
2nd lolo BSD (me)
3rd Ash Garwood (ESSEX local rider)

We had very good wind during those 3 days riding the kikers, ramps and sliders at ESSEX kite park, about 20 to 25 knots, good times flying high with my 12m speed3 !!

Pictures : Lewis Wilby

This is the video of the Final Heat, check it out ;-)

BKSA 2012 round1 final heat KLB freestyle from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

And this is a super nice video from the "Super Kite Day" team, check it out ;-)

After the BKSA we came back to Weston Shore with my SuperKiteDay's mate "Abe", we had an epic sesh there, 20 knots South-West just perfect for Weston Shore, big hang time with the Speed3 21 & 15m :-)

check this out ;-)

Hangtime on the Shore! from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.
Flysurfer and SKD team rider "lolo BSD" riding the Speed3 15 & 21m at Weston Shore (UK).

"Just back from the BKSA round1 freestyle Pro Kite LandBoarding, where i took the 2nd place, i had a mega Super Kite Day with my friends at the SKD's Home Spot (Weston Shore). Check this out!"

Thanks to :

lundi 2 avril 2012

DFC mtb contest #3

"Hi everyone,

on saturday 31 March took place the DFC mtb contest #3 in Dunkerque (North of France).
The wind was pretty good for the event, about 20-25 knots on-shore, it was just perfect to ride it with my FS Speed3 15m deluxe !

At 10 AM the race started, i decided to do the race with my 19m.
During the race the wind was going up and i though i should take the 15m, but it was too late to change my kite...
it was a hard way to join the first flag, but it was a really fast & furious down-wind to go back !
I finished the race place number 5 ! it's ok it's not my speciality...

Now the race finished, it's time for me to ride hard for the Freestyle contest !!
The wind was very good about 22 knots, so i decided to ride with my Speed3 15m, that's the way to go high and loop easily !

We were 18 riders to compet, it was a real show with nice big airs, grabs, spins, and big Hangtime !!
During my Heats i landed all my new and old tricks, 100% landed, then i felt good and i did my best boards off and grabs to go to the Top !

It was a very good idea to choose the 15m, because this kite gave me the 1st place of the Freestyle !!

This event was the 1st land kiting of the year for me, it was a good training before KLB German tour and the BKSA UK tour 2012...
I will continue to train hard on my spot, to learn new old-school and new-school tricks.

I feel good for next event, i'm ready !

Thanks to Flysurfer company to support me and trust in me.
And thanks to the wind !

Everyday is a Super Kite Day.

lolo BSD."

lundi 23 janvier 2012

Killa Grass 3 "back to green"

Hi everyone !

Just coming back from the Snowkite Masters in "col du lautaret" (french alpes), i had some very good kite landboarding sesh on my spots :-)

Here is one of them, riding my 19 flysurfer green machine in 10-15 knots, perfect for un-hooked trix ;-)

Enjoy !