lundi 2 avril 2012

DFC mtb contest #3

"Hi everyone,

on saturday 31 March took place the DFC mtb contest #3 in Dunkerque (North of France).
The wind was pretty good for the event, about 20-25 knots on-shore, it was just perfect to ride it with my FS Speed3 15m deluxe !

At 10 AM the race started, i decided to do the race with my 19m.
During the race the wind was going up and i though i should take the 15m, but it was too late to change my kite...
it was a hard way to join the first flag, but it was a really fast & furious down-wind to go back !
I finished the race place number 5 ! it's ok it's not my speciality...

Now the race finished, it's time for me to ride hard for the Freestyle contest !!
The wind was very good about 22 knots, so i decided to ride with my Speed3 15m, that's the way to go high and loop easily !

We were 18 riders to compet, it was a real show with nice big airs, grabs, spins, and big Hangtime !!
During my Heats i landed all my new and old tricks, 100% landed, then i felt good and i did my best boards off and grabs to go to the Top !

It was a very good idea to choose the 15m, because this kite gave me the 1st place of the Freestyle !!

This event was the 1st land kiting of the year for me, it was a good training before KLB German tour and the BKSA UK tour 2012...
I will continue to train hard on my spot, to learn new old-school and new-school tricks.

I feel good for next event, i'm ready !

Thanks to Flysurfer company to support me and trust in me.
And thanks to the wind !

Everyday is a Super Kite Day.

lolo BSD."

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