jeudi 27 décembre 2012

"Land or Die" video compilations

Hi guys,

here are the brand new "Land or Die" #2 - #3 & #4 !

The brand new "Land or Die" videos has been filmed on different spots.

"Land or Die #2" has been filmed on our local hill spot for North wind, this spot is small (4 riders maximum), but the wind is soooo crazy there...and there is a super nice view from the top of the Hill! Sometimes Dears and others animals come see us next to the spot, the nature is beautifull there...

Land or Die #2 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

"Land or Die #3" has been filmed on the beach in "Berck-sur-Mer" (Côte d'Opale), the place where took place the French KLB Championship few years ago...

it's a very big spot with super good flat and hard sand, which is great for landkiting!

Land or Die #3 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

And "Land or Die #4" has been filmed on our new homespot "Le Moulin" (Plateau Picard), it's a very big grass field with levitation wind, sick for big hangtime! It's very cool to ride there because you have sooo much place to do your trix, and the grass is super short and fresh on this awesome spot :)

Land or Die #4 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

I like Kite LandBoarding because it's so extrem to do big airs and unhooked on land."Land or Die", Why this title ? Because sometimes you fail hard on Land.
It's much better to land your trix than crash hard on the ground... ;)

I'm trying to promote this awesome sport as much as possible, i hope you'll enjoy those "Land or Die" videos, and i also hope that it will give you inspiration for your next Kite LandBoarding sessions ;)

Big up to my kite mates who took some of there "riding times" to film me, huge thanks to "Beber, Abe, N2G, Dimitri" !

Have a nice SuperKiteDay everybody, and keep smiling because life on Earth is cool ;)

lolo BSD.

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