dimanche 1 juin 2014

Festikite 2014

Hi everybody,

summer is not already here, but it's like it is here in south of France !

I was competing at the "Festikite" from 8 to 11th May, next to "Montpellier", i was riding at the "Airstyle" comp.

Many riders coming from all over France came to this event to show to people what kitesurfing is all about : BIG AIIIIR hahaha !

I didn't managed to get qualified to the finals, i was still riding with my shoulder's injury so... but i get the 2nd place at the best trick, landing some cool front and back rolls kite loops.

It was such a cool event with cool people to ride and chill with ;)

Here is a cool video of the Airstyle Day 1 competition, i'm riding the Flysurfer Cronix 10m (blue kite) rocking a cool Back Loop kite loop in the video, watch it and enjoy the ride ;)

See you soon for more kite adventures ;)

Festikite 2014 - Le résumé de la Deuxième journée en images from christotitas on Vimeo.

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