mercredi 30 juillet 2014

2014 summer season - Episode #5 "my way"

Hi guys,

after 1 month shooting on awesome kitesurfing spots in south of France, i'm stoked to present you the new Episode of my summer season's web serie !

In this episode #5 i focus on the good side of the force, Master Yoda teached me how to use the force for a nice and respectful riding...

I trained and focus on my spirit, taking time to find my real place on earth, listening to the wind and all mother nature gives me... and i found the Force !

Hahaha all of this is just a small joke, i'm not crazy don't worry, just a kid in an adult body with a LOT of energy haha ;)

Stop talking, let's watch this new episode, hope you will enjoy it !

Have a cool Super Kite Summer everybody ;)

Haloa !

2014 Kitesurf Season - Episode #5 "my way" from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

1 commentaire:

  1. moi j'aimerais bien une vidéo ou on voit ton zizi.
    Fred BSD